Fall Clean-up Day - Walnut Creek South Homes Association

Fall Clean-up Day

October 5, 2019         8:30 AM-12:30 PM, Clubhouse Parking Lot

Dumpsters, chipper, and metal recycling will be available at the clubhouse. Must provide proof of residency.

  • No toxic chemicals such as solvents, gas, or oil will be accepted.
  • No tires or batteries.
  • Large items (swing sets, picnic tables, etc.) must be “broken down”.
  • For any wood or lumber, please remove all nails that might wound our volunteers.
  • Use of the dumpsters is “first come, first served”. Once the dumpsters are filled, and the event has closed, no one will be allowed to dispose of additional materials overflowing the dumpsters or in the surrounding area.
  • Chipper…will be available in the clubhouse parking lot accepting loose tree debris and branches less than 6” in diameter.
  • No construction lumber.
  • No bagged material of any kind.

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