Facility Usage

Members in good standing with the Homes Association may reserve and use the amenities of Walnut Creek Acres for their ‘personal use’. Walnut Creek facilities are not available for general public use.

‘Personal use’ means the member states they are actively involved in the activity and agrees to be personally present from set-up to clean-up, to be personally responsible for the conduct of the activity, and to take personal financial responsibility for any and all additional clean-up, damages, and costs that may be associated with use of the amenity for their activity including any expenses exceeding the amount of the member’s deposit.

The amenities are provided and supported for the use of members of the Homes Association; and maintaining the facilities in great condition is a responsibility of the Board of Directors and Association Management.

For more information on the procedures for reserving a Walnut Creek amenity, please click the following link for the amenity you are interested in using: