Walnut Creek South Homes Association contracts for trash and recycling services to members in good standing.  The current provider of these services is Deffenbaugh Industries.

Each member home is provided with one trash tote and one recycling tote which are to be placed curbside for pickup by 7:00am on the pickup day.  Additional totes may be procured by members at their cost by contacting Deffenbaugh Industries. Also, members may purchase stickers to tag additional trash bags by contacting Deffenbaugh Industries.

The current normal pickup day for trash and recycling is Friday.  Deffenbaugh holiday schedules may affect the pickup day and push it back to Saturday.  Here is a link to the Deffenbaugh holiday schedule.

Pickup of bulk items such as furniture, large items, etc. may arranged at the member’s expense by contacting Deffenbaugh Industries or any other trash hauler.

Yard waste pickup is not provided for by the Homes Association.  Members may contact the Homes Association office for information about yard waste pickup providers for the area.

For additional questions about member trash and recycling pickup, please contact Deffenbaugh Industries at (913) 631-3300 or customerservice@deffenbaughinc.com.